Tournament DPP CAP Tournament - ($40 Prizepool) - Winner Ainzcrad

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Art by Le Don
Approved by spoo
Hosted by Concept Everything and SKIPPERGAMEZ

Welcome to the second ever DPP CAP Tournament!
Last year Steam Buns hosted the first official DPP CAP tournament after the generation had passed over a decade ago. What incentivized me to host this tournament in the first place was my personal and community interest in the tier during CAPCL.

The main thing I hope to accomplish with this tournament is introducing and giving opportunities to players to participate and learn in a fairly unexplored metagame.
  • The format is double elimination, best of three in the gen 4 CAP format.
  • Changing teams in between matches is allowed.
  • You are required to post your replays.
  • All Smogon Tournament Rules apply.
  • Any change in tiering will not take effect until the following round.
  • Matches must be played on Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours.
  • Please use this guide while scheduling with your opponent.
CAP Oldgens Discord

Prize Distribution: A $25 Visa Giftcard for the tournament winner and $15 Visa Giftcard for the runner up. Prizes can also be received over Cashapp.

Signups will last until May 1st at 11:59 pm -5. Week 1 will begin immediately afterwards.
Type “in” to signup

Congratulations to our winner Ainzcrad
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Round 1 Matchups

DetroitLolcat vs Ainzcrad
RoiDadadou vs Leru
vs spoo
SHSP vs Mr.Bossaru
skippergamez vs Binacle Pinnacle
Lady Salamence
vs Le Don
Azamat140499 vs Concept Everything
Brigtel vs Da Pizza Man
Steam Buns vs Bye 1
Fantos13 vs Bye 2
Lasen vs Bye 3

Byes and seeding were decided randomly.
You can view the bracket for this tournament here:

Round 1 deadline is Sunday, May 13th at 11:59pm EDT (GMT-4), or whenever I remember to close it. Replays are required
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